Writer's Journal: JuNoWriMo Update

What up, my friends? Do you know what day it is today? Saturday. Happy Saturday! Today, I bring you good news and that is that I finished my book!

...Outlining it that is.

Lately, I have been quite inspired for no reason, which I find to be the best inspired...ness? Why? I don't know, I just thought that would sound cool, even though now I'm finding it to be pretty redundant. Anyhow, I've been carrying my little writing notebook (I call it the Book Book) everywhere I go because I literally cannot stop the word flow, and I don't want to loose a single letter of it! It's sort of like the ocean. You can't stop the motion of the ocean like you can't stop the puking of word vomit. Yes? Yes. New motto.

When it comes to outlining, I'm always a little hesitant because while I need structure, I suck at planning ahead in my stories, or just in general. I'm more of an in-the-moment girl, who gets random flashes of genius (or what I hope is genius) that can't be magically brought up when outlining. Not to mention, how sometimes I can get so into planning that I get bored of the story before I even start writing it. Luckily, that did not happen this time. I believe I've found my perfect balance of strokes of genius and what I'm actually going to do with those strokes of genius. Plus, this story has been brewing in my mind for a good few years, so by now, I'm emotionally attached and determined to finally get it out of my brain and onto the paper.

I think the key to my success was that before I started outlining, I already had my basic plot points down (beginning, somewhat of the middle, and end), which is usually how people start anyways (people being everyone other than me). However, that lead me to instead of planning out the scenes leading up to each major point, simply ask myself questions of how I could connect those points, which I don't normally do. For example, why is Amy able to see ghosts? Amy isn't a character in my book, nor does my book have anything to do with the supernatural, but you get the idea. Simple questions like that serve to really get the creative juices flowing, so that eventually I have a pretty good idea of what direction I want to take my story in.

Next comes the structuring part, where I struggle through life. Actually, no, though that normally is the case. Because I already had done a ton of brainstorming and now had lots of minor and major plot points, all I had to do was put them in chronological order. I loosely based this off the Three-Act Structure since it's my favorite (also the only one I really know), helping me to just give myself some visual guidelines that I'll be able to use throughout the writing process.

So, that's what went down in JuNoWriMo! I also was able to get some actual writing done, which was writing the last chapter of thy novel. Even though I'm not even close to being done, writing that chapter was emotional and I may have shed a few tears. All well, the more I shed now, the less I'll shed in the future.

The best of wishes, Z



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