My Wash 'n' Go Routine

For years I was ashamed of my hair. I stuffed it in buns and spent hours making my hair perfectly straight, trying my absolute best to hide its poofiness, its volume. I wanted to replace my curls for hair that fell in one, straight line. Even when I did wear my hair curly and natural, it was never the curly I wanted. My hair didn't fall in perfect spirals with little to zero frizz, instead whenever I looked in the mirror, I looked as though I had just auditioned for The Lion King. On top of that, I went to a predominantly white school, where there was no one who had hair like mine. Eyes already followed my enormous bun, imagine what it would be like if I let that bun explode into the wild mane that was my hair.

For years I walked through the halls of my large and crowded middle school thinking of nothing, but my hair. Did it look okay? Is it frizzy? Can you even tell it's curly or does it just look like one big poof ball? Why is everyone staring at me? My self-consciousness flooded the school like a tidal wave and I could barely go five minutes without looking in the mirror, checking to see if it still looked decent, if it ever looked decent in the first place. By the end of homeroom, my hair would already be back up in its signature bun.

For years the only hairstyle I ever knew how to do was the classic bun (and the occasional sock bun), that was, until one day I woke up and said:

Why on Earth had I ever let the fear of other people's opinions get in the way of embracing who I was? Why did I ever let people I barely knew have that hold over me? Because I was afraid of being different? Well I have a message for the past Zoe, it was sort of too late for that the minute you were born, so might as well rock it.

I was tired of letting others dictate the way I lived my life. It was high time for me to gain some confidence in myself and my Mufasa mane. After all, there's nothing wrong with being a little different. I spent two years experimenting with countless products and methods, until I found what was right for me (even though I still love to try new products). Now I've fully embraced my curls and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I've finally found the perfect wash 'n' go for me, so I decided to share it with you guys and I hope it'll help you on your own individual hair journey. And if any of you are struggling to find the confidence needed to unleash your gorgeous locks, here's some advice:

Without further adieu, I present to you my wash 'n' go hair routine.

My routine is actual pretty simple and only contains two products.

I start off with As I Am's Coconut Co-Wash, and the thing I love about this product is that it conditions and shampoos your hair all at the same time. Plus, it's great for fighting against frizz and really makes sure that your curls are defined and last for the entirety of the day.

After I've gotten my hair wet enough, I completely soak it in this co-wash, like instead of water, it's literally dripping with this product. I don't know, I guess you could say I've gone coco for it, but some might call me nuts... Ba dum tss! I know, I know that was pretty bad, but won't you take me as I am? Heh heh... you guys will come around eventually, but back to the routine. Drenching my hair in the co-wash elevates the properties of it, so the more I use, the less frizzy and more defined my curls will be. At least that's what I like to believe, I could be totally wrong and just be wasting a bunch of money, but hey! It's mind over matter. Besides from past experimentation, my hypothesis has held true and I shall stand by it at all costs, even at the temptation of a Klondike Bar.

Next I simply brush through my hair with my shower detangler.

I'll be honest, I don't remember the exact brand mine belongs too, but they all pretty much work the same and you can get them from basically any store that sells hair products. I got this specific detangler from Sally Beauty Supply, but I'm sure places like Walmart and Target will sell them too. Make sure you get a detangler that's similar to the one above, only because these ones are better at getting out all your tangles, while being gentle at the same time, as opposed to the small little brush-like ones I've seen before (and have). 

Also, when I go to brush my hair, I find that it's actually easier to split it in half and then brush it. This'll make it more manageable and you'll be able to untangle a greater amount of knots than brushing your hair as just one big blob of human fur.

Once I'm done the tedious task of combing my hair, I'll rinse it out and proceed to do whatever else it is I need to do in the shower. Then, I'll take a glob of Salon Pro's Hair Food with vitamin E and scrunch that all throughout my hair, doing my best to really work it in at both my roots and my ends. This oil just adds some more moisture and softness to my hair, as well as makes me smell like I just got back from the tropics, which is always nice.

I use the hair food immediately after I've gotten out of the shower, when my hair is still soaking wet because if I do it any other time, then it's like touching a bomb and my hair will blow up to the point I'm a walking cloud. That's another thing too, try to refrain from touching your hair while it's drying since that will only add to the frizz. 

If you also like to dry your hair when you get out of the shower like most people, then instead of using your typical, everyday towel, I recommend picking up a microfiber towel or just any plain old t-shirt you have lying around the house. The fibers on ordinary towels tend to be very large, which I guess doesn't go well with curly hair because using them often gives people what I like to call, the Poodle Effect. I mean, if that's the look you're into, then by all means go for it and do you, boo. Yet, personally, I've never been able to rock that look and prefer to blot the tips of my hair with an old t-shirt. 

That is the end of my wash 'n' go hair routine! I told you guys it was very simple and easy, and I hope you all enjoyed it!

Here's an old selfie to show you my results:

You know people always joke with me and ask me for some of my hair, to which I used to reply with a "let's trade," half-joking, half-serious. Yet ever since I've learned to love my hair, my response is

The best of wishes, Z



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