Bonjour mon amies! I hope you are all having a lovely June 7, 2016!

Today I shall be sharing with you the products I loved so much that I used them all up! You'd be surprised how often I don't do that. I have like 50 million half-used products that will most likely stay that way for the rest of eternity, so yeah! I should really get a grip on that...

1. KRACIE Hadabisei Eye Zone Intensive Wrinkle Care

I got this product in Japan without really knowing what it was other than an eye mask, seeing as I can't read Japanese and had to rely on pictures, but I would definitely say this was a quite a splendid surprise. I mean, it's much better than the eye drops I don't need and accidentally bought for the sole reason they were Attack on Titan themed. Yet, those also turned out to make a pretty good souvenir with a funny story behind it, so I can't be too upset.

Although I do not have wrinkle problems, I still found this product to have a significant role in my skin care routine, like I literally used this every night before I went to bed. Not only does it make my skin feel tighter, but it also helped me in getting rid of my dark circles, which earned it some major brownie points. Plus, KRACIE's eye zone mask gave my often dry skin, a nice dewy look. If you ever find yourself in Japan, I recommend you pick up this product. Or you could just click the link above and order it on Amazon.

2. Clark's Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask

I was sent a sample of this mask by Ipsy way back in February or March, and I literally made sure I used every last drop of this product. What makes Clark's Mask unique is that it doubles as both a daily moisturizer and a mask. I, personally, preferred to use this as a moisturizer. I found it was a great product in that sense by really hydrating my skin, making it smooth, soft, and giving it that dewy look that I love. However, I didn't think the Deep Moisture Mask side of the product was really all that special. Sure, it added moisture to my skin, but that's kind of the point of the moisturizer. Besides, I've always found masks that you had to spread all over your face to be a lot of unnecessary work. I'm definitely more of a fan of sheet masks.

This product also leans more towards the expensive side, so even though I adore it as a moisturizer, I'm not willing to pay $72 for it. However, if that's your style, you should definitely give this a go.

3. Briogeo Curl Charisma

This product was also sent to me in my monthly Ipsy bag, and all I have to say about it is yes, yes, yes, yes, YES. I absolutely adore this product, and I am now a firm believer in love at first sight. Briogeo's Curl Charisma makes my hair soft for days and super manageable, all while being affordable at the same time. If you have curly hair, drop everything that your doing right now and go buy this magical leave-in conditioner.

4. Stress Relief Lotion from Bath and Body Works

We all get stressed, whether that be every once in a while, or every day over something as simple as dropping that beloved chicken nugget you have waited for all day (yes, I've been there and it's awful). I belong to the latter group, so of course when I saw this beautiful, green bottle staring back at me from the other side of Bath and Body Works, it was a done deal. Coupon in hand, it was mine within a matter of seconds... and it was also gone within a matter of seconds. I used this entire bottle of lotion in three seconds, at most. It was probably more like 10 milliseconds.

Lol, PSYCH... sort of. I wish I had bought this the 10,000 other times I saw it, before I actually decided to give it a chance. I regret every having a skeptical thought in my mind and I apologize to the lotion gods because this really could've saved a lot of nights crying over Geometry (or as I like to call it, the Devil's math). It wasn't until I was bored and just looking to experiment that I let myself finally give in to the aromatic powers of this lotion, thinking it was worth a try to postpone any premature graying of the hair. Soon enough, I cracked this baby open the night before my midterms and was sent straight to Hakuna Matata land.

You know that chicken nugget on the floor? Use this and BAM! HAKUNA MATATA! There was never even a chicken nugget in the first place. You know when your annoying brother doesn't quite know how to stop being an annoying brother? Use this and BAM! No worries for the rest of your life (A.K.A shoving him in a closet for the next 70 years)! If you're a victim of the worry warts, this lotion has got your back. No really, it saves lives.

5. Garnier Fructis Curl Sculpt

Last, but not least, I have yet another hair product. This product is Garnier's Curl Sculpt Conditioning Cream Gel, which is cheap and gets the job done. I love to use this for my twist outs, bantu knots, and so on. I found it really keeps your curls in their lane when you do things like this (little to no crunch included), but to be honest, I don't think I've ever used it as a leave-in, which it says you can do, so I'm not really sure how it works in that area. Considering, it does a pretty darn good job with my bantu knots and such, I would assume it could be used to define one's curls from a simple wash and go too. However, I know this isn't always true, so please don't go by just my word.

These are my top empties that I have, as of now! What are some products you've used in a matter of weeks and definitely plan to buy again? I'm always on the lookout for new products!

The best of wishes, Z



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