Behind the Screens: College Adventures Part 1

Behind the Screen is meant to provide you guys with little snippets and peaks of my life outside of my beloved blog. I thought writing about my adventures in the non-virtual world would be pretty fun and it would also give you guys a chance to get to know me a little better. I picture it like vlogging, only blogging... yeah... Anywho, I hope you guys enjoy these little segments and if you don't give a hoot about my life, that's okay, time will heal my broken heart.


This summer, my mom and I decided it would be a good idea for me to go around and start looking at what colleges I was interested in. Thus, last weekend we worked our way up to Connecticut to visit my #1 school, Yale. On the ride to New Haven I was both excited and scared. Yale had everything I wanted on paper; A great design and chemistry program with a liberal arts feel to it, so if I ever decided to pursue a career in writing or literature, I'd be good. Yet, there was always that voice of doubt in the back of my mind asking, what if it's not everything you thought it was? As much as I'm an analytical person, a "thinker" the Myers-Briggs test would say, I'm intuitive and rely on the feelings and vibes I get to decide whether I like something or not. I'm the type to dislike someone right off the bat, without ever speaking to them just because of the vibes they send me. 95% of the time I'm right, and they're a big meanie. 

I was afraid Yale would be as prestigious and snobby as many people told me it would be, but after my visit, all was good. Yale remains at the top of the totem pole, and I have a feeling it'll stay there (I hope, there's always that 5%). It's extremely diverse, the students seemed happy and proud, the campus was absolutely gorgeous, there's tons of clubs and fun little traditions, and to top it all off, it's basically like living in Hogwarts. The freshmen are randomly assorted into 12 residential halls and they have a quidditch team. I repeat, THEY HAVE A QUIDDITCH TEAM. Don't ask me how they manage to play a game that's made to be played on flying broomsticks, but I guess you could call it

I tried to find a Harry Potter gif, but none of them just said magic, UGH! The irony!

Or I guess in this case you would say

Oh, and I almost forgot, the little city Yale is in is just so cute and welcoming, I loved it! The architecture is beautiful, I went on a mini shopping spree in the shopping district (if you'd like to see a haul, comment down below), for the first time I visited a beach during low tide, which was pretty interesting; and the food in New Haven is unexpectedly delicious. I didn't expect it to be bad, but I also didn't expect to eat so much in that tiny, three-day weekend, to the point I didn't even want to look at food for the rest of the month. Yup, I've officially branded myself as a bonafide Yalie. 

I also visited another college nearby called Quinnipiac. It was alright, I'm thinking of having at it as a safety school. Keyword is thinking, nothing is set in stone yet, other than the fact I'll be going to Yale in two years. However, the campus was pretty cute and I earned myself a better idea of what it is I actually wanted to do with my life, so that's always good. All in all though, the college was really meh, so I'm not going to talk to much about it. Instead, I shall be showing you guys all the pretty pictures I took during my time in Connecticut. There's a lot, so I recommend you take a bathroom break now.

The Yale library ft. my brother (Isaac)

The manly mermaid

Me rubbing some statue's foot for good luck in well, everything.

The best of wishes, Z



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